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StoryArt is an App that helps you to make your stories beautiful and Attractive!

StoryArt is a beautiful app with more then 1500 different templates which may help you to make your Instagram stories and videos good and attractive because in the Instagram app there are no suck features to make stories nice but storyArt offers you the new and useful features to make stories and it may help you to increase your Instagram likes and followers and to grow your communication with your friends and audience this app is basically like a video editor especially for Instagram stories and it easily available for android and ios smartphones on google play store and apple app store.

Use StoryArt – Insta story editor for Instagram to

  • StoryArt – Insta story editor for Instagram helps you to make your Instagram stories awesome and attractive for your followers and they will give you like more than your expectations and it is really fast and quick to edit content.
  • It also helps you to make your Instagrams pictures awesome because it has features for Instagram stories as well as for pictures like for selfies and other photos and by using StoryArt you will be able to change the background color and you will also be able to apply some different colors effects like brown and dark effect, simple photo frames, stylish photo frame, lighting effects and more.
  • By suing StoryArt 2.1.9 version, you will be able to make highlight stories for Instagram and increase or decrease their playback speed, changing the audio track, increasing or decreasing volume level and all of these features are very simple to use and there are no problems with any feature and it is just like drag and drop like system.
  • By using StoryArt – Insta story editor app you will also be able to place icons and emoji are over your pictures and stories within seconds and you will also be able to make status videos for stories and to captures other person's stories and media to save in mobile gallery and to repost on your account.
  • By using StoryArt – Insta story editor for the Instagram app, there are lots of colorful story templates and there are lots of fonts to write over pictures and stories with different colors and with different font sizes.
  • It has more them 100 highlight icons, stickers, and emojis which is really good to make a story unique and different and by using this application, it gives you premium feeling in your stories, pictures, and highlights.
  • It also has a feature to crop videos and images and you will also be able to blur and point in video and picture or your private information which you did not wants to cut.

Reviews of users about StoryArt – Insta story-editor

The reviews of peoples on Play Store about the StoryArt – Insta story editor for Instagram are very positive and with good words and according to them, there is no bugs and errors in the application but some peoples also claim that there are some bugs and error but I think, they are due to the user mobile phone because I fully test it in iPhone 10 and I feel no problem in it. 

On play store, StoryArt – Insta story editor for Instagram app also has a good rating and more than 88000 thousand peoples rate it and 10,000,000, peoples download it for their android devices so there I a large community of StoryArt android application which gives 4.7 out of  5 which also proves that Story Art application is working and it requires android 4.3 and up to run on android and it file size is not large and heavy which is good for the performance but it needs internet permissions to download the filters and frames.

Some shots Edited by StoryArt – Insta story editor App

Here is some shots which are edited with this application and you will see the details and color in the pictures and this shot is taken with Samsung S7 camera and its lot professional like with big cameras and with large programs like adobe photoshop but it is the premium APK of  StoryArt – Insta story editor for Instagram v2.1.9 version.
There are also some other story editors for Instagram like IG Story Art Maker, Mojito - Story Art Maker, Mostory - insta video story editor and some others free apps but StoryArt is one of the best application because its features are amazing and good in quality, it result is nice and natural but detailed and it's most of the story editing features are just like Kinemaster Pro video editor and Filmora Mod video editor so its really good to edit stories with story art editor and it is especially for the Instagram so its work nice and well. 
Its interface and design in also impress me which looks professional but easy to use and every feature is well placed with different menu bar names and with the logos so helps to use fast and there is no any type of annoying ads like banner or videos ads during the editing or processing the video or picture. If feal no lag during the editing even in my old phone and it is not too much heavy and I feel no heating problems with my device during editing with storyart because some application increased the temperature of the back and front panel which may damage the device internally or cause the slowness in the device so my personal preference is StoryArt – Insta story editor for Instagram v2.1.9.
I think the application is developed by chines but don't worry about the security of your data because it is a popular application and from the trusted developer Ryzenrise and Ryzenrise is a graphic design and editing application developer company which is famous for there editing apps and they are not new on the internet and if you want to see their other applications then go to play store and search Ryzenrise or click on this LINK to visit them on play store.

story art premium apk download
            Shot edited with  StoryArt – Insta story editor for Instagram v2.1.9 [Premium]

Shot edited with  StoryArt – Insta story editor for Instagram v2.1.9 [Premium]

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