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Hello, guys if you want the free skins for the popular PUBG mobile guns then here are some latest PUBG mobile redeem codes for April 2021 given by PUBG mobile on their Facebook page, and by using these codes you will get the free premium skins of AKM, AWM, M416, and all other popular PUBG mobile guns. Hence, if you want, then read the full article.PUBG Mobile is really a popular battleground game so if you want more information related to this game like their developer and the history then check this link.

In this article, I am going to show the latest PUBG mobile working redeem codes and the proper method of how to redeem these redeem codes because in my previous article lots of peoples commenting that they are facing problems related to the redemption of redeem code. It is because peoples cannot follow the proper method and the guidelines which are given so if you are also facing the problem related to the redemption of redeem codes then follow all the instructions correctly and follow the recommended method.

The redeem codes for PUBG mobile which is am going to share with all of you are unique for the rewards related to the guns in PUBG mobiles like the skins of M416 and AKM. Hence, if you want the outfit then in this post there is no redeem code for the costume and for the surface of vehicles and all other stuff and just guns skin so only use these redeem codes just for the redemption of guns skins. Most of the firearms skins are for an unlimited time, but there are also some premium skins that are for the limited time because in the shop of PUBG mobile these skins which are for the limited time are available not for free and you need to pay some good UC to, but they so do not expect all the guns for unlimited time

How to get a Valid Redeem Code?

If you want a valid and working redeem code for PUBG Mobile these are some working ways to get so the best method to get free redeem codes is to follow the social media of the PUBG Mobile game developer because the team of PUBG mobile always share their new redeem codes on their social media pages like on Facebook and Twitter. As we know that almost every redeem code is for a limited time and also for the limited peoples, for example, the redeem code for the glacier skin for PUBG mobile is for just the first 500 peoples. Hence, those peoples who redeem the codes first 100% get the reward so try to get the system first then others.
Our website is also sharing the redeem codes but due to the high traffic on our website after publishing a post within a minute peoples start redeeming the codes and within an hour the limit of the redeem code reached. Then peoples start commenting that that are facing the problems.
If you want the redeem codes first from our website then on our website there is a subscription button which helps peoples to see our post first and whenever we published a job then the users who are subscribed to our site got a notification about the new position.
Please subscribe to our website by entering your email address to get the notification of every new publishing article related to the redeem codes of PUBG mobile.

Some Tips to Redeem the codes successfully.

Many peoples facing the problems like some error during the redemption of redeem codes so here is some tips which may help you to use the redeem codes successfully are
  1. Try a new PUBG Mobile ID or the ID where you never use UC or buy Royal Pass because on old IDs there is a problem with the redeem codes because PUBG Mobile does not allow former players to use the redeem codes. 
  2. Use a VPN for the successful redemption of the redeem code and use the location of those countries and regions where the redeem systems are working.
  3. Try to make ids on with new Facebook or Twitter accounts and cannot use the active Facebook, Twitter accounts to signup.
  4. Do not use any website to generate UCs and BP or to generate free rewards like gun skins, outfits because it is totally illegal and may damage or cause the suspension of your PUBG Mobile game ID.

Latest Redeem Codes for PUBG Mobile

Here we have 5 latest working PUBG mobile redeem codes which are given by the PUBG Mobile team on their Facebook page which are totally free and by using these codes you will get free skins of popular guns in PUBG mobile like the golden skin of M416 and fool skins of firearms which are totally new in this season and also AKM Glacier and Golden skin. There is also a redeem code for the sniper guns like KR98, AWM, M24 so if you are a pro sniper in PUBG mobile, then these redeem systems are for you.
There is also some condition on these redeem codes which are related to the region and countries so if you want to check the list of those countries, then there is no list given by PUBG, so it is not possible to check which country is eligible for the free redeem codes.
If you want to Redeem codes for free outfits and skins, then check out other posts.

  • QEJZLCIZ5M4  ( Limited-Time AKM Gold Skin and Glacier Skin Available for First 500 Players)
  • TIFZQZANGC  (Free KR98 gun Skin for Limited Peoples for Limited Time Available for First 500)
  • TIFZBHZK4A  (Free Random Gun Skin for Limited Peoples for Limited Time Available for First 500)
  • RAAZBZJGS  (Free M416 Orange Skin for Limited Peoples for Limited Time Available for First 500)
  • TIFZBJZWMN  (AKM Random Skin for Limited Peoples for Limited Time Available for First 500)

How to Use these Redeem Codes successfully

The method to use these redeem codes is straightforward and easy. I have a detailed article on it so if you want to know in detail how to redeem PUBG mobile redeem codes then must check out that article but here I am also going to tell you in short about the method of redemption of redeem codes so follow these steps.
Get valid redeem codes from our website or from anywhere.
Go to the official website of PUBG Mobile where you will redeem the codes.
On that website, you will see some boxes where you need to fill in the information like your redeem code, character id of PUBG Mobile game, and simple verification code.
After filling in all the details then just click on redeem and there you will see a notification that will tell you that is your redeem code valid or not.
If you see a notification of successful redemption of codes, then go to your game and check the reward in inventory.


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