Fix Lag Problem  in PUBG Mobile

PUBG game is the most played game all over them and it getting or improving its quality day gamer love to play this game on their smartphone at her then PC because their phone has all the intelligent features. Many other contemporary games like FARTINTE for Android of PUBG. But when its own gamers level. But when we talk about the playing level, we repeatedly find some problems in this renowned game by the gamers or players.

Gradually this issue is because really problematic and panic and it is hitting the frustrating and irritating. If you are facing these reasons, it means that then it is because such games have a higher quality of graphics, animation, and a lot more. So in today’s article, we shall discuss all these problems and find the solutions to fix these problems.

What is lagging in PUBG?

Lagging is the one thing that is disliked by every player in PUBG because it slows down the game and creates problems in graphics and animation. Almost many gamers might experience legging while playing graphics because PUBG is mainly based on graphics and FPS (Frames per second); both are vital for the smooth function of the game. It also indicates the thorough performance of the PUBG in the smartphone. The higher the FPS, the smoother the game runs on a phone.

As one of the gamers, many reports related to these things have reported a Legging problem on his Android while playing PUBG.

“Hi guys, I’ am using a Note 9 on Exynos chipset, and PUBG runs horribly on my phone. Only when I play it on smooth graphics will the game run fine, but at any higher graphic settings and the game will start to lag and stutter, and frames will fall. Any idea why this is happening on a flagship device or anyone facing a similar situation?? Feeling quite hopeless now….”

Except for this, there are many other reported issues. So’ come to the solutions and find out.

 How to Fix Lagging issues on Android and can play the Game Fluently

Let’s continue our article, and you must follow the solutions, tips, and tricks and fix the legging problem in PUBG Mobile in Android.


Guys, one thing is important to tell you that all the below mentioned band-aids, clues, and tricks will apply to all brands and models of Android Phones such as Samsung LG, Xiaomi,   Motorola, Sony, HTC, ZTE, Google Pixel, Huawei, Lenovo, Vivo, Oppo, Panasonic, ASUS, Nokia, Meizu, One Plus, Realme, and other many Android smartphones. Let’s move toward the solution of the lagging.

What are the essential refinements to play PUBG on Android?

First, you must do some of the few basic things to anticipate any type of lagging problem on PUBG Mobile gaming include.

  • Refresh Your device once they start playing, and it will improve Clarion out the stocker cache.
  • It will be better for you to connect your mobile to some stable Wi-Fi connection rather than mobile data.
  • For smooth playing, your Android’s better timing should be sound. For this, go to your better settings > open battery saver and chose PUBG >click on no restrictions and enable it for limitless enjoyment.
  • All Android Phones have an option of Airplane Mode. So turn it on to stop any kind of unnecessary notifications while playing PUBG on Android.

1. Turn on Game Turbo Mode

Gaming turbo mode is one of the best and legit way to reduce lag in PUBG mobile, which officially available in almost all smartphones from companies, so if you don't know about this amazing feature and are not using it, then it a great chance for you to play your game by turning the game turbo mode to reduce the lag and FPS drop. Game Turbo mode is specially designed by the companies for the gamers, and this mode turns off all other processing during the game and provides all the power of CPU only to the game. It is straightforward to turn on this mode, and you just need to open it from the setting, so if you don't know how to turn on this mode, here are some simple steps.

  • Go to your mode setting and search for Game Turbo
  • Open it and select the PUBG mobile
  • After selecting the game, just click on the Open
  • This will boost your game performance from 25% to 50%, which is insane.


Fix Lag Problem  in PUBG Mobile Game Turbo

2. Reinstallation of the PUBG game

If you are facing lagging issues, then to fix it, reinstall your game after uninstalling it. This can prevent you from lagging.

Fix Lag Problem  in PUBG Mobile by Reinstall

3. Clear Unnecessary Cache and Data of PUBG Mobile

In case of lagging, you should clear the cache and the relevant game data, for this goes the given below options.

  • Go to the setting of your android.
  • Next, go to App Manager or Applications.
  • Then go to AII Apps and find out about PUBG Mobile.
  • Now you will find the clear cache. Click it and will clear out the cache and data of the App.

Fix Lag Problem  in PUBG Mobile by cache

4. Fix Network and ping problem in PUBG

Some gamer has reported lagging problems of high ping (ping is found on the bottom left of the screen and looks like a Wi-Fi or packet loss) pocket loss means the packets you send to the PUBG. Servers never left the made their way to their destination. In this, when you did any action in-game, then it sends to this server. This ping is how much time it takes to reach the server, and it really happened.

If you have a higher ping in your Android, it will take more time to shoot dead a weapon. So to fix this problem, you just have to make sure that you are connected with the right server while playing PUBG. For this, you the option at the top left of your home screen to select the right server. For the exam, if you are a gamer from America, then choose North America.

5. Disallow developer preference or option to make changes for minor lagging

Disallowing the developer option is an easy thing. Just go to setting and click “Build Number” five times. After enabling the developer option, open it and make some changes given below.

  • Window Animation Scale to 0.5 x
  • Animator period to 0.5 x
  • Transition animation scale up to 0.5 x

Fix Lag Problem  in PUBG Mobile through Developer Mode

After these changes, now do the below-mentioned things.

Disallow Force GP$4 rendering Force $x MSAA and Disable Hw overlays Redmi PUBG gamer should turn on MIUI optimization.

6. Use GFX to decrease Lagging in Android

GFX is mainly designed for PUBG to unlock HD graphics with 60 FPS and many other settings on graphics. GFX is available on Android comfortable in Chinese and international game version

  • At first, install the GFX tool on your Android
  • Please close PUBG while installing this tool
  • Now customized PUBG Mobile Graphic.

Fix Lag Problem  in PUBG Mobile through GFX Tools


Install the latest version  

  • Your selected graphic should match your device's compatibility.
  • FPS (frame per second) should be up to 60
  • Unlock HD. Classic, colorful, and realistic are 3 available.

When all things got set up, then tap on Accept. After it, a video ad is played, which means you’re setting will be applied. You may find an error while playing PUBG, and in this situation, tap on the Repair button, close the game and restart the GFX tool.

7. Set the graphics option to the low lagging problem on PUBG Mobile 

It is another method to resolve lagging on PUBG Mobile. Just follow the given step to change the graphics option.

  • At first, open the game and tap on setting > graphics
  • You have to change graphics options to “smooth.” style as classic and frame rate as “tow” and then disable auto-disable graphics.
  • Do not enable voice unless requires and will also lower the lagging problems. You also can select Map, which having low ping while playing the game.
Fix Lag Problem  in PUBG Mobile with ultra Graphics

What are the most required features of your Android to play PUBG?

Guys, before starting playing PUBG on your Android,  you must know that what is basic requirements thing to play your game without lagging. If you do not pay towards that, then, of course, your Android will not be able to play it smoothly.

 You must have a strong ram may say 4GB 

 Your Android’s storage capacity must be 2.5GB 

 Android’s OS must be 8.0, or it could be higher.

 Android’s processor should be snapdragon 430 kirin655 or could be higher.


To wind up the topic, I must say that whatever fixes are discussed in the article related to the lagging issue in Android will be helpful and easy to, and they will surely help you to get rid of it. PUBG Mobile lagging issue on android

When you follow the given fixes, it will be helpful for you to play the game without any kind of problem and smoothly. Please do read it and Share it with your friends.

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