7 Best PS5 Games to Play in June 2023

Video games are fun because they keep people entertained for hours.

People enjoy playing video games because it is more like an escape from worldly stresses.

The video gaming industry has become one of the most exciting industries because it continues to evolve with technological advancements.

We all play games on our internet-connected devices to keep ourselves entertained.

Some might play games on PC, while others prefer gaming consoles.

PC, mobile, and console gaming industries all three use the latest technology to make games captivating for gamers.

Thus, the gaming console industry has also undergone several changes and continues to innovate in console models.

Therefore, in 2023, the global revenue of console games was approximately 52.9 billion dollars.

PlayStation 5 is one of the exclusive gaming consoles that are quite famous among gamers.

Developers understand the growing demand for PS5 games and keep on developing entertaining games for us.

If you are looking for PS5 games to play in 2022, then you have landed on the right page. This article has compiled a list of the top seven PS5 games you can play.


Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

It is an action-adventure game, and its story revolves around the journey of Cal Kostis.

The adventures begin from the start as Galactic Empire is hunting for the main character of the story.

The game also offers a huge variety of puzzles so players can stay hooked to the game and help continue to help the character restore peace in Empire.


Gran Turismo 7  

If you like racing games, do this one and navigate over 90-track routes. In this game, you can buy and sell your cars and unlock new ones after finishing the challenges.

Due to this game’s immense popularity and demand, the developers have developed a cross-generational online player mode.

So, you can even play this game online with your friends using the multiplayer modes.

It supports up to sixteen players and competes in GT Sport Mode.

But remember that online multiplayer mode games require an internet connection.

To ensure that your gaming experience is not hindered, it is essential to have a good internet connection.

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Dauntless is an adventurous game similar to Monster Hunt. In this game, your character has to go on hunts and find resources.

You also have to collect weapons to kill the monsters you encounter on your journey.

The sound effects, picture quality, and different levels of challenges make this game interesting.


Watch Dogs Legion

It is the third entry in the Ubisoft series, and this time, the action events take place near London.

In this game, you must create your team so you can clear missions together.

Each mission takes place in different areas of the city and unfolds a different set of challenges for the gamers. Moreover, the game has great visuals and incredible lighting, and the loading time has been reduced.


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

It is a first-person shooter game that has evolved its specifications for its fans.

Modern Warfare features a great amount of content from day one that makes.

Its impressive narrative and immersive multiplayer feature make this game worthy of being played. Moreover, better maps and routes with adventurous challenges can keep the gamer hooked all day.


Disco Elysium: The Final Cut

If you love solving cases, then get your hands on this game! In this game, you have to solve an issue of murder along with a cop.

You will be asked to interrogate the locals to gather clues and catch the criminal. Disco Elysium’s storyline and characters are brilliant.


Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy

If you are a hardcore Marvel fan, you should consider playing this game.

The game is based on the original story, so this game lets you explore the campaigns as the Star-Lord.

You lead the team from one chaos to another in the struggle for the universe’s fate.

Moreover, the game offers dialogue-making and decision-making choices to the user.

All in All

The gaming industry has evolved at a rapid pace. It has made tremendous progress from online games to gaming consoles. PC, mobile, and console gaming industries are generating millions of dollars every year. If you own a PlayStation 5, then you must play the games listed above, as these games can take your experience to the next level.



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