UC Generator for PUBG Mobile

Hello guys, and welcome back to another post on PUBG mobile tips and tricks and today, I going to tell you how to generate UC for PUBG mobile without human verification, and there is no need for human verification, and this is the latest and most comfortable method which I am going to tell you guys. PUBG Mobile Uc is a significant need for every PUBG mobile player, and as we know that at this time, the price of UC is too high. The UC is very expensive, so here is a trick to get some UC for free, which you can use for PUBG crate opening or for a high pass or to send to your friends, family, and claim members, or you can also be able to sell them to earn some money and to look like a pro player in clan.
Today in this post, I will show you the three best and easiest ways to generate some free UC quickly without any difficulty, and there is no need for any type of human verification, so please try these methods.

Easiest Way to get free UC in 2021 (UC Giveaway)

If you want to generate some free UC for crate opening or for Royal Pass, here is a chance to earn some Pubg Mobile UC for free, and here is a giveaway of 10000 PUBG MOBILE powered by PUBG Mobile Official. If you want to receive a large number of UC, then it is an excellent chance for you, so you just need to participate in this Giveaway by submitting your details (Name in-game, your character ID, Email Address, Mobile Number, Click on Submit). Every month we have an excellent UC giveaway for the PUBG mobile player globally, and every month there is a lucky winner who got a significant number of UC. We offer these giveaways for free without any YouTube Channel subscription on any other task. You can participate in the UC giveaway within a few seconds, and you do not need to go on other web pages, or there are no annoying popup ads or a difficult task. There is also no need to follow or like a social media page because many websites offer you some giveaways by following their Social media like Facebook or Instagram accounts and subscribing to their youtube channels and other annoying stuff. Still, there is a fast and straightforward process, so we must use this to generate PUBG UC.

Rules for the Giveaway  

  • Do not Spam or resubmitted your details. 
  • One time submission from one Character ID
  • Mobile number is not compulsory.
  • The winner will be notified by email. 
  • For Unlimited Peoples/no limit
  • UC will be delivered within a weak
  • If you submitted your details more than 1 time with some information, then you will be disqualified.
  • If once you are disqualified, then you will not be able to take participation 
  • If you have any doubt, then place a comment below. 
  • If you want any suggestions, then type a comment in the comment box given below.

UC Winning Notification On Your Gmail Inbox or Spam Folder if You win Giveaway
Participation Last Date

Get 600+ PUBG Mobile UC by using Redeem Codes

Pubg mobile Redeem Codes are also a valid way to earn some free UC, and these days lots of peoples receive vast amounts of UC, and it's even a simple and easy way. You just need to copy the codes given below and fill in PUBG Mobile's official website and fill in all details(PUBG ID, Redeem Code, Verification Code). Earn UC by using redeem CodeCode is a popular and famous method, and many of the websites included PUBG Mobile Official, recommend it to use for free rewards. Fortunately, it really works, and I also got some prizes like 120 UC, gun skin, some cute outfits, pane skins, a hat, a Bike skin, some vehicle skins, and other rewards. I also have an excellent post about the Latest PUBG Mobile Redeem Codes for 2021, so if you want such a prize as skins, then you must check out this post. These codes are working in some specific regions and countries, and I am from Pakistan, and here it works fine, but if you are from a different country, this may not work, but in most countries, it s works fine.

Redeem Codes for Free UC

Here are the latest redeem codes for free UC, and all these codes are updated.
Must try all and maybe some of them not work
A8DJ28DKI - for September 2021
OWD454CDE - for September 2021
RKD9C62B5 - for September 2021
GG54DR21 - for September 2021
A8EJ27DJB - for September 2021
DSAJ45KJB - for September 2021

UC Generator for PUBG Mobile

Some Important Steps

  • These Codes are for limited people (no specific digit limit)
  • Copy your character ID from your PUBG Mobile game
  • Open official website of PUBG Mobile
  • Copy and Paste one redeem CodeCode and make sure it's true
  • Paste your Character ID and make sure it's true
  • Fill in the verification Code. 
  • Click on Redeem and wait some seconds. 
  • Go to your PUBG Mobile game and check the UC.
  • If there is no additional UC, then repeat it again with another redeem CodeCode.
  • If you already redeem these codes, then try with another Character ID.
These codes are only redeemed from the official website of PUBG Mobile, and there is no other site, so please just use the official site so that it works fine.

Download the TXT file of the Latest Pubg Mobile Redeem Codes 2021

This file available for download contains more than 50 Redeem Codes for PUBG Mobile for free skins and outfits to redeem, so if you want to download it, then just clicking the download button.

Latest Pubg Mobile Redeem Codes 2020

Get Free UC from YouTube PUBG Mobile Streamers Giveaways

May PUBG Mobile streamers on youtube or on different games streaming platforms have some giveaways for their viewers, and many of them chose a winner every hour, and I think it,s a great chance to win or generate some UC. The viewer just needs to post a comment in the chat with some specific hashtag like #FreeUC and then get an entry in the Giveaway. Some YouTubers do it for increasing their live stream watching or for likes on it, but most of them do it just for their audience, which is really an appreciated thing. So if you want some UC not so much, then you must check them and take participation. 
If you are a pro player, then by joining some new PUBG Mobile clans, you may get a good number of UC just by joining them, and many PUBG clans offer thousands of UC, but for a pro player,,, who has a good rank and nice KD. If you want to take a chance, then I have some tips for you, must choose those streams which have low watching and post a comment only one time because if you type more than one time, then the system put you on the spam list, so just use the Giveaway entering CodeCode for one time. Do not get a timeout from the moderators of the streams.
UC Generator for PUBG Mobile

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