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Hello, guys. If you are searching for top promo codes, then you are at the right place because today, in this post, I am going to show you the latest and working promo codes for the WSOP game. If you need them, then read this post at the end.
WSOP (World Series of Poker) is one of the world-famous poker online games, and millions of people know about it. It is famous because it is legal, and there is no real gambling involved; in reality, you need good money to join the poker tournament, which is very expensive, but thousands of people every year enter this tournament. Still, the wsop game is for those people who do not have enough money to join the real competition, and this game offers you the same feeling and joy.

WSOP game has vast players, and on the Play Store, there are more than 50 million downloads; almost 1.56 million people rate it 4.3 with amazing reviews where players described how much this game can entertain the players.

You can also play this game with your friends because it supports a multiplayer environment. WSOP has its latest version of 7.4.0, and it was updated on 1 August 2023, so if you download it from the Play Store, then you have its latest version. If you want WSOP, then you must need Android 4.1 and the latest and only a space of 150 MB minimum.

There is a hot offer going on WSOP where the game is offering 1,000,000 FREE poker chips when a player downloads it for the first time, which is really an amazing thing because, with such a big amount of chips, so if you did not download the game still then go and get the rewards.


How to Use WSOP Promo Codes

To use the Promo codes, the method is straightforward. Suppose you have a promo code for the WSOP App. In that case, you just need to follow some simple and easy steps to get free chips. If you want free chips in the WSOP game, then there is only one way to get free chips and some working promo codes, and there is no other way to get free chips for WSOP, so follow the steps given below.
  • Go to your game WSOP on your mobile and then click a button which is called (Get Chips)
  • After Clicking the button (Get Chips) on the left side of your device screen, there is a box where you need to paste your Promo Code under the text (Claim Now!)
  • Then click on the redeem button under the box where you paste the promo code.
  • After Clicking the (REDEEM CODE) Button, the app will give you a notification.
  • In the notification, you will see how many chips you got for free with the help of the Promo Code.
  • If you want free chips, then try the promo codes given below.
  • There is also a downloading TXT file where there is more than 100 working Promo Code for the WSOP game, which may give you 100,000 free chips, so you must download and check it also.


How to get WSOP Promo Codes

If you want the Promo codes for free chips ofWSOPp, then here we have the latest and working Promo codes officially given by theWSOPp game team on their social media page on Facebook. That is why I said that we have the latest working Promo codes for Wsop.

As we know chip,s are costly and you need to pay good money to buy some chips which are not suitable for those people which not have enough money to buy chips so here is a simple and easy way to get a discount on chips and some free chips.

I have some valid Promo codes for WSSP users.

By using these Promo codes, you will be able to get a good number of chips by paying very little money, and you may also be able to get some free. If you want free chips, then check the redeem codes, and if you wish a significant discount of 70% to 90%, then check these promo codes.

All the promo codes are working and are thoroughly tested. There is no type of problem with these promo codes, and these promo codes are only for the WSOP(World Series of Poker) game and only work for this game.


Here is a list of more than 10 Promo codes by using which you can get 25,000 Free Chips and a Status Bonus

  1. GLYNMOD18
  2. GLYNMOD2018 
  4.  MATTMOD2
  9. TYLERSMOD2018

Here are more than 50 Latest and Old Promo Codes for 2023, but I recommend you to use the latest promo codes because that is the latest and working.


Fresh WSOP Promo Codes for May 2024 

  1. [JULY4TH
  2. [BELATAEDBIRTHDAY ]  16,500Free Chips AND Status BonusBonus
  3. [WSOPLOUNGE2000
  5. [ LOUNSAFGESURVEY201750 ]  
  6. [ HAPPYBDAYDOUG ]  16,500 Free Chips 
  7. [ THANKYOU30 ]  
  10. [ LABORDAY17 ]  
  13. [ MISSIOASDNSURVEY50 ]  50,000 Free Chips AND Status Bonus
  15. [ PLADSYNASDOW2020 ]
  17. [ QLAYNASYDF ]

Old Promo codes for April 2024

  1. [ EAGLES2018 ]  25,000 Free Chips AND Status
  2. [ BIGGAMESUN2020 ]  
  3. [ GROUNDHOG2020 ]  
  7. [ HAPPYSFWKND2020
  8. [ GOODEYE2020 ]
  9. [ MLKDSFAY2020 ]
  10. [ SNOWEDIN2020 ]
  11. [ RIOTOURSFNEY2020 ]
  12. [ HOLIDAYPYP100K ]
  13. [ HOLIDASDFYGIFT22020 ]
  15. [ PHSDFD2050 ]
  16. [ CHAMPION2020 ]
  17. [ BRACESFLET2020 ]  

Old WSOP Promo Codes for May to March 2024

  1. [ FINALTDSFABLE2020 ]  45,000 Free Chips AND Status BonusBonus
  2. [ ROYALSDFFLUSH2020 ]  
  3. [ FULLSDFHOUSE2020 ]  
  4. [ FLUSADH2020 ]  
  5. [ STRASFAIGHT2050 ]  
  6. [ ALLIASFN2020 ]  40,000 Free Chips 
  7. [ TWOPAIR2020
  8. [ PAIR2020 ]
  9. [ MAINEVENT2020 ]
  10. [ NOVSURVEY250 ]
  12. [ ANDREWSBDAY2020 ]  
  13. [ ANDREWSBDAY ]  
  15. [ OCTSURVEY100 ]  
  16. [ MEGABONUSOCT ] Mega Bonus
  17. [ HBDJAMIE ]  

If the Promo Codes are Not Working, then.

If the given promo codes for the WSOP game are not working, then here is a full list of the latest promo codes in a text file. You will be able to download this file from the given download button, so if you have some more chips in the WSOP game, then also check this downloading txt file. If you want to download Promo Codes for Wsop Game for free chips, then click on the red button below and download it for Android and iOS as well.


What is the WSOP Promo Code?

It’s an 8 to 16-digit code that allows you to get free rewards at redemption to get free coins.

Is there a WSOP Promo Code For Free?

Yes, it’s free.

How many promo codes can I use?

You can redeem each code once per wsop account.

Do I need to pay for these Promo codes?

No, Promo codes are free.

Do these promo codes work?

Yes, these codes are up to date and are working.


In the above paragraph, we have shared the best promo codes as well as the method through which you can use them to get free rewards, so if you were searching for the best working code to use, then this article will definitely help you to get more them 100K WSOP chips as well as other amazing things.

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