Hello guys we back with a Rename Card Redeem codes for PUBG mobile as lots of peoples asking me for a long time for a method to change the name in PUBG mobile without paying money or UC and today a free method to rename in PUBF mobile is to get a free rename card by the redemption of redeem codes. PUBG Mobile Charged a lot of UC to buy a rename card which is only you can use for a single time which is too much because many other games offer to change name any time for free but PUBG mobile not. 

Why a PUBG Mobile Player Needs a Rename card?

If you want to change your name due to various reasons like if you change your clan or if you dint like your current name and want to change your name with a new stylish name then you needs a rename card which you can buy from the PUBG shop and treasure which cost almost 220 UC but for 220 UC you need almost 2 to 4 Dollars. PUBG Mobile gives you one rename card for free in every ID on Level 10 or on level 17 which you can use to change the game name but only one time so if are on level 10 or above then you can collect it and use it. 

Free Rename Cards Redeem Codes for PUBG Mobile

As we know a PUBG Mobile redeem code is a 10 to15 digits code which you can redeem to get UC, royal pass, Skins, and also a rename card and many websites like soda shop are selling such types of redeem codes but as we know PUBG Mobile is celebrating its 3rd anniversary and on that PUBG Mobile Facebook page shares some Redeem codes which are Free and by the redemption of these redeem codes you can get a Rename card for free as a reward without paying 220 UC. 

Today we are sharing the list of redeem codes given by PUBG Mobile as celebrating their third anniversary and you can redeem them to get free rewards including free UC and redeem card so if you want a rename card then this is the best offer for you.

Item NamesRedeem Codes
Free Rename Card [Updated]ERSE3434ERR
Free Rename Card [Updated]WE434SERERA
Free Rename Card [Updated]BBKTZEZET3
Free Rename Card [Updated]AWEQW34324
Free Rename Card [Updated]DSDSD434FFS
Free Rename Card [Updated]EFSEFSEFESFF
Free Rename Card [Updated]SDYMKTKTSH
Free Rename Card [Updated]SEF4R4F3R3R3
Free Rename Card [Updated]ERER34R343R3
Free Rename Card [Updated]ERERW3R3R3R

How to Redeem these Codes Easily?

If you dint know how to redeem these codes then no worries because here are the step by step guide to redeem these codes so follow the steps

  1. First, comp the redeem code which you want to redeem 
  2. Go to the official website of PUBG mobile and open a page of redemption [Link]
  3. Pate the Redeem code in the given empty box 
  4. Go to your PUBG ID and Copy your character ID and paste it also in a specific box
  5. You can only used your character id to for redemption, not your name which is in PUBG Mobile
  6. Complete the security captcha and click on the redemption button
  7. Go to the mailbox of your game and click on collect
  8. After collection, you can use the redeem code to rename from your inventory directly
  9. Click here for details method of redemption of Redeem Codes

More Redeem Codes for PUBG Mobile Rename Card

  • Redeem Codes 1    (TQIZBz76F)

  • Redeem Codes 2    (R89FPLM9S)

  • Redeem Codes 3    (QEJZLCIZ5M4)

  • Redeem Codes 4    (TIFZQZANGC)

  • Redeem Codes 5    (FQIhBz73F)

  • Redeem Codes 5    (WQIdBz70F)

  • Redeem Codes 5    (ZQIZgz71F)


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