5 Best VR Games in 2023 You Don,t Want to Miss

Online gaming is all the rage today. In fact, it’s common to see an abundance of gamers
throughout the world. In addition to this, many are even striving to game on professional
levels. With greater access to technology like Virtual reality (VR), gaming is increasing in
popularity. This is because VR enhances both audio and visual experiences for users.

this tool, you are exposed to a lifelike simulation.

Thus, gaming becomes more immersive
and interactive. Services like Spectrum high-speed internet have further made it easier to
access gaming. As a result, this mode of entertainment is becoming more common. If you’re
looking for VR games to play, here are some great options for you.


Jurassic World: Aftermath

This game is based on one of the most iconic movies in cinematic history. Jurassic World:
Aftermath focuses on the result of the disastrous dinosaur theme park. When this park is
opened to the public, havoc is wreaked. Dinosaurs of all kinds attack families, scientists, and
even each other. This leads to mass destruction and, eventually, the closure of Jurassic
World. This particular game focuses on the aftermath of this debacle. Players have to visit
the premises for a science mission that involves important scientific information and data for
research. While you’re there, you get to tour the place, encounter several species of
dinosaurs, and fight to keep yourself.
The VR aspect of this makes the entire gaming experience both realistic and exciting. With
Jurassic World: Aftermath, you get to see Jurassic World and your favorite dinosaurs up
close. Moreover, the game also has impressive graphics and sound which further enhances
the gaming experience.


Microsoft Flight Simulator (PC)

If you’re a fan of flying planes, this game is perfect for you. Microsoft Flight Simulator allows
gamers a first-person view of both the controls and the scenery. Thus, the entire experience
becomes increasingly realistic and lifelike with every move you make. Users can control how
fast or slow the plane flies. In addition to this, they also get to examine and analyze all the
machinery and technology that is used to fly planes.
This aspect is especially important for flight enthusiasts. With Microsoft Flight Simulator they
can closely follow what each button and tool does. Apart from this, you also get to see the
view of the place you’re flying over. This is one of the best parts of the game and allows you
to take in nature and scenery. However, if you don’t want to completely control the flying
aspect, you can take partial control. In fact, users can even choose to completely transition
to auto-pilot if they want to enjoy just the flying aspect.


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Star Wars: Squadrons (PSVR, PC)

With this game, you get a first-person view of a Star Wars universe. What more could you
want? Star Wars Squadron allows gamers to experience space battles and wars in a lifelike
setting. In addition to this, you also get a detailed view of the fighter cockpit. Squadrons are
set in the original trilogy's universe. Thus, you can find familiar characters, settings, and
objects. Players have the option to customize their spacecraft on the basis of the mission
they get. Star Wars Squadrons offers an immersive gaming experience that makes missions
more intensive and enjoyable.


Iron Man VR (PSVR)

Iron Man is ideal for Avengers fans. If you want to experience what it’s like being in a
superhero universe, consider playing this game. One of the best parts about this is that you
get to see the Iron Man suit up close. In fact, you can even control what it does and how it
functions. Moreover, you can fly around and take charge of important missions and battles.
Gamers can also enjoy the process of customizing their own Iron man suit based on specific
needs and preferences.


Star Trek: Bridge Crew (PS VR, Oculus Rift; HTC Vive)

Are you a Star Trek fan? Now you can fully immerse yourself in this universe by joining
Starfleet and all your favorite characters. In addition to this, gamers also have the choice
between a variety of important roles. With Star Trek: Bridge Crew, you can lead crucial
missions and explore the latest tech.
VR enables gamers to play lifelike games that offer first-person viewing and advanced
controls. In addition to this, you also experience high-quality audio and video with sharper
graphics and sound. Some of the best games on VR include Jurassic World: Aftermath, Star
Trek: Bridge Crew, Iron Man VR, Star Wars: Squadrons, and Microsoft Flight Simulator.
When you play these, you’ll enjoy exciting missions and battles.



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