Free Unused Roblox Gift Card Codes April 2023

Hey, guys if you are looking for the latest unused Roblox gift card codes to redeem to get free gifts and rewards then here we have a new and unused list of gift card codes that you can redeem.

Normally if you want a gift card then you need to pay money like 20$ or 50$ which is cost a lot and every player is not able to spend such huge money because most of the Roblox players and users are kids and under 18 and are dependent so the list which we are going to share is the best way for all those players who want a gift card code for free.

Many websites offer some Roblox gift card code generators which you can use to generate free codes but it is a very difficult method because if you want to generate a gift card code through generators and different tools then it is illegal and not secure.

Moreover, they demand to complete some surveys which are time-wasting, and also many of the generators are fake dint work, and steal your personal information but this method which we are sharing is safe and easy.


Why Peoples Want Roblox Free Gift Card Codes

To buy a gift card is very costly and most people’s dint preferred to spend such huge money on games so free gift card codes are a good way to get free Robux and save money. Gift card codes are also very expensive on Amazon if you want a gift card for 800 Robux then you need to pay 10$ which is very expensive same for 2000 Robux which is 25$ and 4500 Robux which is 50$.
Even to buy a gift card, you must need a proper payment method like a master card or Paypal, which is not available to players. They need to use their elder’s bank account details, which they dint allowed to use, and using other local payment methods costs double.

To earn Robux by creating your own games is also a very difficult method and most of people’s dint have the time and skills to create a new game mostly new players who are unaware of the development of games in Roblox must need to buy the Robux to buy memberships and to create their characters unique and beautiful.


How to Get Free Unused Roblox Gift Card Codes

There are different ways to get free Roblox gift card codes you can win through a giveaway or through different websites by registration like Microsoft and many other websites but this is difficult and not a guaranteed way today a list of codes we are going to share is the best and working way to get gift codes very easily and you just needs to copy these codes which are given below and then you can use them to get gifts and also to gift someone.
These days many peoples are using these gift card codes and it is really a working method I personally used these codes and they are working.
The list of codes available below is for limited players and it also has some restrictions like specific regions and countries so it depends upon you where you live but mostly it works for everyone so try these codes as soon as possible to get the robot and other rewards currently.

How to Use Free Roblox Gift Card Codes

If you are lucky and got an unused Roblox Gift card code and want to use it then it,s a very simple and short way so follow the steps given below to redeem the code successfully
  1. First of all copy the code you want to redeem
  2. Go to an online store that offers paid Robux codes but the official sellers are recommended only
  3. These codes only work on the official sellers of Robux
  4. Add a package to the card and process it
  5. There you will see a gift code section
  6. Simply paste the code into the gift code section
  7. Click on the buy button given below and collect the gift
Sometimes the redemption system does not work properly because of some issues so if you are facing that issue then don’t get angry and try again after a few minutes or open the redemption in the Guest window or in new incognito mode if the browser is not loading the redemption site. We also share free promo codes so Make sure to check out Active Roblox Promo codes and over 200 Free Roblox Items.

Unused Roblox Gift Card Codes for June 2023

Here is the list is given below which is ready to use to get free rewards like Robux so do check this list if you are lucky then you will get a free working gift card code which will help you to save your money.
Gift Card CodesReward Type
829-883-80704500 Robux
436-082-7074250 Robux
501-825-1554700 Robux
524-944-2319820 Robux
912-294-9504980 Robux
975-753-2607750 Robux
712-511-4446800 Robux
195-367-2368800 Robux
729-200-6384700 Robux
037-215-48041600 Robux
Update on 1 June 2023


Best way to get Free Unused Roblox Gift Card Codes

In this paragraph I’ll show you how to get free Robux gift card codes on Roblox this is really really simple to do and it works on literally every platform so make sure you read this entire paragraph until the end so you don’t miss any of it.

First what you’re going to want to do is go to or if you’re on the mobile go on the youtube app and just search for Roblox space dash space topic just like this [youtube-topic] and then when you search for it click on the first one that comes up there are going to be some fakes but just click on the first one the official Roblox topic channel because this shows you all the current live streams that Roblox YouTubers are doing and then once you’ve clicked on it just click on the live section right here and if you scroll it’ll just list every single streamer who is currently doing a Roblox live stream and the way that this is going to help you get a free Robux gift card code is because a lot of these people give away free Robux gift cards on their live streams.

You just have to do a command in chat or something and then they’d give the code to a random winner there are a lot of scams out there so make sure you only click on someone you like to trust to giveaways free Robux like the big ones up here if they say they’re giving away free Robux it’s probably not going to be a scam just because of how many views they have most people trust them but if they have like two viewers on their stream I wouldn’t really trust them to give you Robux and don’t fill out any surveys or anything because that’s probably not gonna work you’re just gonna waste your time.

If you do win a free Robux gift card you can then just go to to redeem if you’re on mobile I’m pretty sure you just click on the buy Robux and then say you want to buy it with a gift card but then just enter the Roblox gift card and redeem it.

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