PUBG Mobile Offline

PUBG Mobile is one of the best battleground game, and millions of peoples play it. Still, we need an active and fast internet to play pubg mobile game because without internet pubg mobile cannot work. Yet, in this post, I am going to show you how to play pubg mobile offline without internet, so if you are facing the problem with internet like high ping and budget issues, then this is maybe a good option for you because on offline there is no need of internet. You do not need to pay money for the web.

These days the offline method to play pubg mobile is trendy among the players and in those countries where there is no proper internet like 3G or 4G peoples used this method to play pubg mobile and fortunately it is working fine, so if you also form those countries where internet is not useful, and you want to play pubg mobile then this is maybe a good option for you.

This trick is working for limited features in pubg mobile. By using this trick of offline pubg mobile, you can use limited features of games which is only the training mode. Still, in training mode, you can use all the guns, vehicles and all other features which you use with internet and here there is no need of web entirely so must try this trick and this trick will work for both pubg mobile and pubg mobile lite.

How to Play Training Mode for Free:

  • First of all, close your internet and open your game pubg mobile.
  • Make sure you have the latest version of the game and if not then update your game.
  • When the game opens there, you will see nothing is loading and every this is showing offline or loading
  • Go to the upper right bar, which is under the start button and there you will see an option of training mode.
  • Simply select it and click on ok and click on the start button and after loading you will see the pubg mobile training mode where you can use all the guns and vehicles but you will alone in the training mode and there is no other player with you in training mode.
  • You can play the training mode fully offline without internet for an unlimited time, but other modes like classic mode, TDM mode, and all other short matches will not work.
  • PUBG Mobile is an online game, and an internet connection is required to load data so without internet you may not play the other pubg mobile modes

Free internet for PUBG Mobile:

Almost all the internet countries in the world give some codes for free internet for their users so if you want free internet, the must search for free internet for the internet company you are using in your country on the internet like on Google or Youtube so you may get some good trick for free internet for PUBG mobile game. Here I have some list of those websites which are providing free internet trick so download txt file and open those website related to your country or ISP and unique some codes or a valid method for free internet.

PUBG Mobile Offline

Play PUBG Mobile On Airplane Mode(No internet for full Mobile) Increase Performance of PUBG MOBILE Game to 100%

This method is used for better performance for PUBG Mobile in any Android Mobile Phone, and it is done by an android app which is called the Internet Guard Data Saver Firewall which closed all the mobile app during when you play the game which gives you better performance in-game.
  • If you want to play pubg mobile on aeroplane mode, then download Internet Guard Data Saver Firewall Application and follow all these steps
  • After installation open the app first turn on the switch which is on top of the first screen of the app and after switching the program on and it starts working
  • Go to setting and then in options and there you will see a dark mode option so turn on the dark mode which helps you to save your battery and increase the device performance.
  • Now click on the three-dotted menus which are on the upper right side and tick the lockdown traffic.
  • When you on the lockdown traffic mode, then it lock all the mobile application, and all the apps stop working.
  • Now click on the search logo and type PUBG Mobile and select the PUBG MOBILE app. 
  • Scroll down, and there you will see an option of Allow in lockdown mode.

Download the Internet Guard Data Saver Firewall APK

PUBG Mobile Offline

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