Hello guys, today the topic is a little bit change. Today I will show you five ultimate ways to earn some money through PUBG Mobile, which is very easy, and many peoples asking me for free UC and Premium PUBG Accounts which is really difficult to provide these days. Still, today I am going to show you the best way to get them by making some money through PUBG Mobile, which is very easy these days and peoples are earning huge these days so if you don't have money to spend on your game, then this is maybe a good way to meet your needs. I will not show you any hidden trick but some light ways that peoples are using these days, and they work.

This website is also related to PUBG Mobile, so I can say that I am also earning money by writing a blog on PUBG, which is a difficult but working way, but today, the methods I will share are easier than blogging.

Earn Money Through PUBG MOBILE

Earn Money Through Streaming PUBG Mobile Game

Streaming PUBG Mobile is one of the most popular ways of my money. Thousands of streamers are doing on different platforms like Youtube, Facebook, and especially twitch through Ads, Donations, and Sponsors who are legit and secure ways and many of the games that are much better in-game their gameplay is attractive are streaming for a long time. PUBG Mobile itself sponsored the streamers to make videos on different game events, which is another good point. Still, the most important thing is that this method really needs a huge hard work and time, but then the output is also really amazing, and it may be your full-time job. To start Streaming, you search on google and on youtube, but it will be very easy for you if you have little knowledge.

Open a UC Online Shop and Sell PUBG UC

Just create a Facebook page or a simple web page and start selling UC   to your friends and other games at a good price and believe me, this method is one of the easy and best methods to earn money. To buy UC in PUBG Mobile, you need a credit card to make a purchase which is difficult for most games because they don't have credit cards that work internationally. You can provide service to these peoples to buy UC at a good price, and through this, you can get some commission with is a few minutes. Many Facebook Pages and different peoples on Facebook and YouTube are giving this service to gamers, and it is a successful part-time business. You can buy large numbers of UC directly from PUBG Mobile and then sell them to different peoples with a small commission. To start this, you can search on Google and YouTube, or you can buy some paid courses related to UC Online Store Development from Udemy or any other website by just spending few dollars.

Buy and Selling PUBG Mobile Accounts

Buying and selling PUBG Mobile accounts is getting popular day by day because it is straightforward and profitable. Many PUBG Mobile players who are quitting the game and din,t want to play the game anymore want to sell their accounts which you can buy and sell them to those peoples who are new to games and want an account that already has some legendary skins and buying a PUBG Mobile account is getting very common these days. The account with some special skins Like glacier skins of M416 and AKM Fool skins of M416 and SCAR-l, Mythic outfit and some old account of season 1, 2, or 3 are more demanded from the players, so buy these types of account in cheap and then sell them with some good profit. Joined some PUBG related groups where people ask for selling or buying accounts and start your work now.

PUBG Mobile Tournaments and Giveaways

If you are a good player of PUBG Mobile, then you may have a higher chance to avail this opportunity because almost every time, many streamers are offering to their viewers to join free tournaments and earn some UC and even a free royal pass and many good players always save their UC of the royal past, and they win it through some tournament. You can also join some big tournaments with a winning price of 500 to 1000$, but from that, your gameplay must be amazing, and you must be a competitive player; otherwise, you can lose your entry fee—many PUBG Streamers especially on YouTube.

You can also get some rewards like UC by joining giveaways, but  I think this is not a proper way of earning, so I don,t recommend this.

Start a PUBG Mobile Blog

Writing blogs is also another way of earn money. II am also doing that for a long time, and it really great, so if you have knowledge about this game and you are active in-game, you can share PUBG Mobile tips and tricks, news about new events, and updates on the solutions of a different problem. You can write blogs on different websites like sportskeeda, which is one of the most popular gaming blogs, or you can also create a blog for yourself, but it is a little bit difficult. 

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