I am using a Free Account for this new game PUBG new state, a simple and Easy Method to get PUBG New State free Accounts IDs and Passwords of Facebook and Gmail.

PUBG New State Free Accounts

Hy guys and we are back with another post of free accounts, and today, we are going to share the list of IDs and Passwords to login into PUBG new state, which is a new game developed by Tencent, and you can use our free accounts to login to play the game without creating new accounts. 

PUBG new state is much similar to the PUBG PC with high graphics and better frame rates than the PUBG Mobile and also have some similarities with COD Mobile but has most of the weapons similar to the PUBG mobile like if it also has your favorite M416, AKM, KR 98 and all other weapons but also have some gun which we dint see before which is quite good.

You can log in to PUBG new state by using our accounts linked with Google account and Facebook, and these accounts are those used for early testing of this game; now, they are available publicly for free, which anyone can do use. These accounts also have the rewards that PUBG new state announced for early access. As you know, CloudBailBonding has always tried to give you the best accounts and working accounts, so today we are with the free accounts of this game, and these accounts are also good and working, so do check these lists of IDs and Passwords given below.

PUBG New State Free Accounts Rewards 

As you know, these accounts were also in use for the early testing of the PUBG new state, and as the PUBG new state announced that every early access account will get free rewards, so these accounts also have that rewards. Still, as always, we have some other exciting rewards, and you can get free skins of guns,  vehicles, and more, so here is the list of these accounts, which will show you the importance of the accounts we are offering you.

  • Accessible vehicles skin Takion TR1 
  • PUBG New State Profile Icon
  • PUBG New State 1200 Free NC
  • PUBG New State 100,000 Free BP
  • PUBG New State Profile Frame
  • PUBG New State Outfits
  • PUBG New State 500 Chicken Medals
  • One time Rename Card

PUBG New State Free Accounts Gmail IDs and Passwords

A list of New state accounts associated with google accounts is available below. You can use them to log in to your game and play without creating any account or any other type of sign-up. You can use them and log in to the game directly, which is quite good because you need to create Google accounts, which is quite tricky to play the game. For this, you need a phone number for the verification and use; an important thing is that these accounts have early access free rewards, which you can never get in a new account, so check the list below and get your desired account.

PUBG New State Free Account IDsPasswords
Update on December 2021

PUBG New State Free Accounts Facebook and Gmail

PUBG New State Free Accounts Facebook IDs and Passwords

PUBG new state also gives an option to log in to the game through any 'Facebook account as we know that the new state used different accounts for early testing of the game, so Facebook accounts were also used, and now they are available for the fans of PUBG new state players os if you want an account linked with Facebook to login in-game with free rewards as well which cant be able to get in a new account or if you are playing as a guest.

PUBG New State Facebook Account IDsPasswords
Update on December 2021

Download a PDF File of PUBG New State Accounts 

We dint recommend you to play this game as a guest player, so we have a PDF file of free accounts that have a list of more than 100 IDs, and Password which you can try one by one and can find good accounts that you can use permanently to play the game and can save your rank and achievement and the most important thing is that each account has at least 1200 NC which is the PUBG new state currency similar to the UC of PUBG Mobile. It is a treat reward for you guys, which you can use to purchase a new state royal pass, or you can open crates in the future. 

PUBG New State Free Accounts Download

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